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By joining Nanoclub you will discover not just the fun way to make money online, but also one of the best ways to make a small deposit grow large.

You won’t have to wait for months to see the results, Nanoclub pays out every Monday.
Yes, that’s right every single week you’ll receive a statement showing your share of the profits for that week.

Joining Nanoclub is joining an extraordinary profitable program that uses your newly acquired Nanotec coins in stock market shares, real estate investment, renewable energy, gas & oil.
A team of field experts ensure your coins are placed on the right bets, safest paying stocks & investments and more, to ensure every Monday their members can log on and see the profits hit their accounts.

Nanoclub Program

We offer you choices from a varied suite of Cryptocurrency packages, each filled with our Nanotec (NNC) Coins.

Our Starter and Basic packages offer low cost entry to our affiliate program and are best suited for members looking for the wide variety of sales and team bonus, as described in our advanced compensation plan. (Contact us for details)

All other packages, from Pro+ thru Diamond were designed as investment opportunities, offering its owners great weekly passive incomes.

No bank or shares program can offer you these results.

When you join, your package is placed in the profit generating Nanoclub Program for 2 years initially.

During that time you get paid a weekly bonus based on the profits of the company, this will be proportional to the level of your package.

Nanoclub offers more ways of making money online.

You also have the choice to invite and introduce other people to your team, where you will be rewarded according to our affiliate compensation program.


Nano presents: Monteline ‘Pay anyone worldwide, instantly without wire fees.’
Pay anyone instantly worldwide at ATMs and Point of Sale where MasterCard or Visa is accepted, without the exorbitant bank fees.
We have a full range of Pre Paid solutions that best suit your needs….

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